Entrepreneurs & Public Figures

We work collaboratively to create a permanent legacy either for private viewing or public distribution. Our clients find this an enjoyable and life affirming process, that allows them to share not only their unique perspective but also keep other people’s story alive at the same time.

Philanthropic Foundations

Philanthropy is a rapidly changing field with greater focus on innovation, more hands on involvement from donors, with a particular eye on the impact their work brings. In light of this, more philanthropists are looking at how to highlight, share and articulate the value of their projects.

Family Owned Enterprises

Many multi generational families are challenged by their legacy and succession planning. They often hope to celebrate their past, educate their next generation members about the meaning of their enterprise, and unite a broad family around a common history and vision for the future. To achieve and align these goals is a difficult task. However, as explained further in Our Philosophy, we believe our creative process is a key tool for families to achieve these goals.

Universities and Museums

As institutions celebrate their development and commemorate special events, our team develops media that promotes and inspires future involvement, perpetuating the value of current efforts.