By looking at key studies on innovation, resilience and long term legacy planning, we have developed an approach that allows our clients to capitalize on these considerations.

Bridget Kustin

Research Fellow | Oxford University, Said School for Business

Key Areas of Partnership:

  • Workshops for Family Owners on Purpose and the Future of the Family Enterprise
  • Guided research into shared ownership and the importance of inclusion
    Speaking engagements (Monte Carlo, Geneva, London)
  • Bridget brings rare insight to our work with privately held business and an academic rigor valued by many of our clients.

Together with her position at the University of Oxford, Bridget is also an economic anthropologist (PhD, Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University, 2017) who studies the complexity and ethics of corporations, financial systems, and the humans interacting with them. Her research engages the breadth of the global wealth spectrum, from large family businesses (annual revenue above $1 billion) and their advisors/service providers, to Islamic (micro)finance institutions in Bangladesh and Pakistan serving the world’s poorest.

Ramia El Agamy

CEO | Orbis Terra Media

Key Areas of Partnership:

  • Creation of custom content for discreet client base
  • Leadership and Next Gen Education through film
  • Short corporate media to accompany reports

Ramia Marielle El Agamy is the Editor-in-Chief of Tharawat magazine, the leading global publication for family businesses, and CEO of Orbis Terra Media. With an emphasis on family business education and research, she has helped expand her family business’ activities from Dubai, UAE, across the Middle East, and now works around the world to bring best practice to this knowledge field.

Ian Partridge

CEO | Loedstar

Key Areas of Partnership:

  • Family Business Club and Good Governance Process
  • Speaking Engagements

Ian Partridge is the Founder and Chairman of Loedstar S.A., a Geneva-based company that works with families that own large family businesses and family offices, throughout the world. Ian’s goal is to help these families create better businesses and stronger family relationships. Loedstar is one of the leading organizers of conferences and seminars for families that own family firms and family offices. The company has recently celebrated its 20-year anniversary.

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